Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Story of our call to adopt

Wow! What a whirlwind! In a nutshell, Matthew and I have been lead by God towards adoption little, by little over the course of our entire 13 1/2 yrs of marriage. Matthew even feels God told him he would have a Chinese child while we were still dating. Here is the story...

Dear Family,

I want to let you know about something God has called us to do, and ask for your prayers to begin immediately and continue daily. God has been speaking to us and preparing us for adoption for about 12 years. He told Matthew we would have a Chinese child while we were still dating! We discussed adoption frequently in the early year of our marriage. We thought maybe this was God preparing us for infertility. Now, about 10 yrs & two beautiful boys later, it is clear we are not infertile!

In December of 2011, God told me we would have a 3rd child that would be a girl. I even wrote it in my journal word for word on 12/3/2011 and shared what God told me with a friend. However, this was not exactly welcomed news. I don't enjoy being pregnant, and I was content with the two kids I had. So, I tried to ignore what God clearly spoke to me. As all of you know, ignoring God never works! He always gets His way! 

So, since 12/2011, God reveal to me our daughter's name would be Michal (Pronounced "Me-call"-female form of Michael--means "like God"). From there, in the past 6 months, God has continued to bring up adoption with us. I continued to resist some, but wanting to be obedient to God, I kept praying, listening, watching, and waiting for Him to direct me. I liked my life the way it was, but the nudges kept coming. One of the most recent ones was about two weeks ago, when I walked into a barbershop to get Jackson's hair cut. I open a magazine and there was a huge full page ad for an adoption agency. Then, within two days, a talk show I was watching (I rarely watch talk shows) was also about adoption. One such event may be a coincidence, but all combined, there was no denying this was God. 

So, on 3/2/2013 I agreed to go to a class to find out more about adoption. The day of the class, I was really wrestling about if I wanted to go. We don't have a lot of money and I just don't know how it will get paid for. I was speaking with a friend that was staying with us visiting from out of town. She told a story of God miraculously providing $20,000 literally overnight for a couple to use to adopt. As she told that story, I got "the God chills" (Holy Spirit) and I know that was the sign I had been asking God for--confirmation that we were supposed to adopt. In addition, I feel strongly God was saying He would provide the money needed to adopt. 

As we prepared to go that night, I thought Matthew may try to get out of going/I was really concerned something would come up to prevent us from going. However, much to my surprise, Matthew was ready on time! No problems. I was thinking 'who are you and what have you done with my husband'!

As we pulled into the parking lot at Savannah Christian Church, I text messaged our pastor Dusty Reynolds and a close friend requesting prayer about some "big decisions" we were facing. Dusty texted me back "I am"(indicating he was praying). I jokingly texted him back with, "That's God's name. You can't have that one!" I was just trying to be funny, but looking back this was another sign from God that this is ALL him! One of his names is the great "I am"! How cool is that!

Some people we used to go to church with were helping teach the class. I listened to the wealth of information this team of 6-7 families presented.  By the end of the class, I still felt I did not know where to start. After the class, I approached my friend and told her I did not even know how to form a question about it. We talked with about three families for a while. I expressed my endless fears. These people listened patiently and answered each question. We gained more knowledge, but it was not until we went to dinner with these families that we gain enough knowledge and peace that we were able to move forward with the decision to start the adoption process.

This is all new, and it is a lot scary. We feel like the purpose in the high dollar figure ($25,000-$35,000) to adopt is so many, many people can be a part of blessing us and this little girl, and they in turn can receive blessings! 

Please pray, pray, pray! We need your support. Believe me, any questions or reservations you may have, we have thought of them. This is something God called us to, not something we planned to do, or thought would be fun. The only thing we planned to do, was be obedient to ANYTHING He asks us to do. Please spread the word. Please email this to your church families, friends, co-workers. Pass the information to everyone! You never know who God will use to help supply the money that is needed or who need to hear this story so God can speak to them! One particular testimony we have read said this family put brochures in their utility bills and got a check for $20,000 from a man in New York that had adopted from Russia and always wanted to adopt more children but didn't, so he continued to adopt by giving money to this family. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of similar stories of ways God provided people the money they needed to adopt. Jesus loves the little children. ALL the children of the world!

Please use this link to donate:   

We love you all! 

To God Be the Glory,
Matthew & Bethany Manning

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