Thursday, January 14, 2016

One Year Later

Wow! Time flies! This past year has been filled with joy and lots of HARD WORK! 

When we met Michal, she could not walk, she could not talk, she had no teeth, she had never eaten food other than mush, the only automobile she had ever been in is the bus that brought her to us, she had never been on a plan,  and didn't understand English. 

She was walking within 1 month of being home. She was in physical therapy for about 3 months to help get her hips to rotate and to get everything moving like it should. She was stiff from being stuck in a crib her whole life. 

She had her first birthday party in July! 

Michal was talking within just A few months of being home,  and now,  her language skills are probably that of a 3 1/2 year old! Bam! That's how Mama rolls! A big thanks to Mrs.Stacy (Michal's PAID Speech Therapist. Lol!) and Mrs. Cheryl her Special Instructor.

She has also come leaps and bounds with her articulation, but it will take a good while for her to be 100% clear because of having an incomplete palate for 2 years.

She finally got her palate repaired in August after we struggled with some respiratory issues that prevented her surgery in June. 

She started preschool in September at Eli's Place!
And she celebrated her first Thanksgiving 

And her first Christmas with her family!

She is SMART, STRONGWILLED, STUBBORN, sweet, kind, and loving! What a package! We will never be bored and we are OH SO BLESSED to have Michal for our daughter!

These pictures tell it all!