Friday, March 29, 2013

Cool Things God Has Done/Testimonies

These are just a few of the cool things that have happened on our journey so far:

Ms. Schwabe's (one of Jackson's preschool teachers) 10 yr old son took $10 out of his allowance to buy an iPad ticket, and as he gave the money for the ticket he said "it doesn't really matter if I win." Indicating his understanding that this is about saving a little girl, not winning an electronic gadget! 

Stephanie & Clint Lemaster who we don't even know, gave $121 for our adoption & bought a raffle ticket!

John Baggarley offering 10% of tree proceeds for any tree he cuts down that mentions the adoption. 

Found $16 in my jeans that had been washed a time or two on a day I was stressed about money for the adoption and I had been asked God to be God. To me that was just a little "smile" from God. Just Him saying He loves me!

One of Matthew's Asian Restaurant owners bought an entire book of iPad tickets!!

When we went all around Savannah on 3/30/12 asking people to give us what they have left after their garage sales for our garage sale, we started on Wilmington Island, then to Midtown, then Georgetown, Berwick, Pooler, and then as we were heading back to Wilmington, we got a call from a lady at a Garage Sale we stopped at in Berwick that lives right across from my Sister-in-law Michelle's mom. She told us we could come back and get everything left-over from her garage sale! When we went back, as we started talking, we found out she is in our pastor Dusty's Life Group (even though they don't attend our church). This lady is a faith-filled believer. We were able to circle up and pray with her for our pastor's mom who was having emergency surgery that day! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong! We know God sent us another prayer warrior to pray for the adoption! We added another sister-in-Christ today! How cool is that!

We have had church after church donate everything they have left after their Rummage Sales including Bible Baptist, Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church, and another smaller church. That will build up your garage sale inventory quickly!! 

Lowcountry Tree Service is offering a way to help!

Low Country Tree Services

will donate 10% of the proceeds for any tree they remove if you mention Matthew & Bethany Manning and/or 
The Make a Way for Michal 
Adoption Fund.

Please call John Baggarly (Jr.) at 
(912) 414-7351.

John removed three trees for us and did a great job! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We got our Congratulations we are accepted letter today!! 


            Congratulations letter hot of the press!!
                     And a whole new lists of documents & to dos!!

They don't even let you bask in the joy for a second  before you get the next list of paperwork!!

For everything you don't have to go through physically and for all the doctor's appointments you don't have to go to like with a pregnancy, they make up for with paperwork & financial work!!

If anyone thinks adoption is the EASY way, they are WRONG! LOL!!

These are the fees that go to the adoption agency. There are others fees that make the total come up to around $25,000, such as money for postage, and the Department of Homeland Security.

And then there is between $5,000-$10,000 for plan tickets. That is why $35,000 is our goal.

It is so strange to start to look at young children and wonder if Michal is about their age now! We put down 18-36 months, so any child between 4-5 months old to about 18 months old now could be the same age Michal is. I can't really get my head around that. We pray for her every night!

We are so excited to watch God be God in this situation! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Junk Donations/Garage Sale 5/4/13 8 am-1 pm

Garage Sale!!

The Make a Way for Michal

May 4, 2012
8:00 am-1:00 pm
The Storeroom   
2530 East President St.
For more information:
(912) 844-4566 (Matthew)

Donate at:

If you have stuff you would like to donate to us to sell at the garage sale, please call Matthew at (912) 844-4566 or email him at to arrange drop off or pick up.

If you would like to volunteer to help organize or sell, please email Bethany at or call (912) 844-4583.

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What are all the costs for???

Have you been wondering what all the money goes for??

This is the adoption expense sheet for georgia.  it shows you how much money is needed & for what. 
We have completed the application fee, so our 
next goal is: $3,600 
for the first program fee. We have
 $600 towards that already. only $3,000 to go!
We have found a way to cut out household expenses $250 per month & I (Bethany) am increasing my work load which will bring in another $1,000 per month.
please pray, give & help us bring michal home!
Absolutely no hidden charges, no last minute surprises!
Ranked the best adoption agency in the world by CCCWA, China’s central authority on international affairs, our service fees are also among the lowest.
CCAI is proud to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable adoption agency. We strive to keep adoption affordable so more children will have the blessing of a loving and permanent family.
We are financially accountable to you as the American public and as an adoptive family. Our solemn promise to you is: Absolute integrity with no hidden charges, no last minute surprises.
Please select your state below for a clear and comprehensive list of the fees and expenses necessary to complete your China adoption:
Select a State:  

Adoption Expenses & Chronology For Families in Georgia 
ExpenseAmountPmt MethodPay ToDue
Application Fee$200CheckCCAIApplication submission
First Program Fee (Includes Home Study)$3,600Check/Credit CardCCAIAfter App Approval
USCIS Filing & Fingerprinting$720 plus $85/adultCheckUS Dept. of Homeland SecurityUpon I-800A submission
Dossier PreparationApprox. $450Check/Money OrderSecretary of State(s), Chinese Consulate(s)As preparing Dossier
Second Program Fee$2,450Check/Credit CardCCAIDossier Submission
CCCWA Fee$1,150 if not matched with WC ($775 if matched with WC prior to LID)CheckCCCWA via CCAIDossier Submission
CCCWA-WCP Service Fee$125Credit CardCCCWA via CCAIPrior to Letter of Intent (LOI) submission, WCP only
Third Program Fee$2,900Check/Credit CardCCAIPrior to receiving child match
CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee$360Check/Credit CardCCCWA via CCAIPrior to receiving child match
CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee$360Check/Credit CardCCCWA via CCAIPrior to receiving child match
Visa to enter China$140 per person (plus courrier fee)Check/Credit CardChinese Consulate via a travel agencyApproximately two weeks after child match
US Domestic & International Airfare$1,200 - $1,900 by coach/per adult plus $200 return lap ticket for child under 2 (child over 2 requires full ticket)Credit CardA travel agency of your choiceApproximately 7-10 days prior to China departure
In China Travel & AccommodationsApprox. $3,300-$3,800 for two adultsCashier's CheckCCAI (wired to China)Approximately 7-10 days prior to China departure
Adoption Registration and Notarization$400 - $800CashLocal government in ChinaIn China
Child's Passport$100-$150CashLocal passport agencyIn China
Orphanage FeeUp to 35,000 RMB (Approx. $5,600-$5,700)CashLocal orphanageIn China
Food$700 - $800 per coupleCash/travel Check/Credit CardHotel(s), restaurant(s)In China
Child Physical & Photo$90-$120CashClinicIn Guangzhou, China
Child U.S. Entry Visa$230CheckCCAI (wired to China)Approx. 8 weeks prior to travel
Child's Birth CertificateVaries by county Your stateAfter U.S. Return
Court Validation FeeVaries by county Your county courtAfter U.S. Return

Grand Total (including travel expenses for two adults): $25,500 - $28,700