Friday, June 7, 2013

I-800 A Received by adoption agency

Wow, it seems like so long since I have had something to report...but our I-800 Application was received by the adoption agency yesterday 6/6/13! After it got returned once for a clerical error. So it won't be long before we will be heading to get finger printed in Charleston! 

The social worker is also putting the finishing touches on our Home Study. We should get that from her any day now. That is what we need to start applying for grants, and to start finalizing our dossier! 

So after what seemed like a little stagnation in the process, we are about to really pick it up!!

I know it will be time to board the plane and go to China to get Michal very soon! Sometimes I actually let it sink in a little bit and feel just a little twinge of the excitement I will feel when that actually happens! But I don't allow myself that luxury too often or I think the wait will become unbearable.

Please keep praying & if The Lord is leading you to, please give!

God bless you all!