Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fingerprinting appointments

We finally received our fingerprinting appointment cards in the mail today! Charleston here we come! 

By the way, it just so happened to come the day before our 14th wedding anniversary. So, it will work out for us to make the fingerprinting trip into an anniversary trip! 

Coincidence? I think not. I say, "it's not odd, it's God"! I know those are the little ways that God shows His love for us! He knows we are not good about taking time out for ourselves. I feel He worked the timming put just perfectly for my ever so practicle mind & spirit. . .since we have to go to Charleston, it just makes sense to stay a night & take that time together & away from things that we need!

Amazing love how can it be!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sealing our documents

We are starting the process of sealing our documents. This is required to send them to China. Basically, it is the process of proving our documents are legit! 

Sealing documents is a four step process. 
1. We have to have everything notarized. 2. Then we have to take it to the county clerks office and have her verify all our notaries are accurate and from Chatham County
3. Next, we mail it all to the Secretary of State, who also verifies all of our notaries are accurate. 
4. From there we send it via  courier to the Chinese Consulate in Houston Texas. 

After all those people verify our documents are correct, then they are ready to go to China!!

In the meantime, we got our receipt for
 I-800 A. I thought we were closer to complete that process than we were for a while. However, the Receipt means, within the next week we should be able to travel to Charleston for fingerprinting! That means the process to complete our last document will be underway! When that comes back from The Dept. of Homeland Security we can mail ALL of it: AKA Dossier  to China!!

After the documents go to China. . . we wait, BUT then we get matched with our daughter!! How awesome is that! I feel like we are waiting for our 20 week ultrasound!!

Please pray that all goes smoothly with the paperwork! Thank you! We love you all!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lexi: our hero!

We just want to say a huge thank you to Lexi Rockwell!!

She continues to use her wonderful talent of photography to be obedient to what God tells her to do!

She used her exquisite photography to compile a beautiful calendar which she has been selling and she is donating the proceeds to the Michal adoption fund!

She just told me she currently has $362 to donate! Isn't that amazing! 
What a selfless, kind, act of love!

We are incredibly grateful to her, and we give God the glory for putting it on her heart. Thank you also to everyone who chose to purchase a calendar!

If you would like to purchase a calendar for $18, you can contact Lexi at lexirockwell98@comcast.net or see more of her photography on Facebook under the Lexi's Phancy Photography fan page.

To God be the glory!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finally!! Home Study was Approved!

I just got notification via email that our Home Study was approved by our adoption agency, CCAI TODAY!!

Now, our Home Study along with our I-800 A applications have been sent to USCIS (U.S citizenship and immigration). So, in just a few days we should be able to go to Charleston for fingerprinting! 

This means we can start applying for grants :)

Next we will begin the process to seal all our Dossier documents. The documents have to be notarized, then go to the   Chatham County Court house to be flagged. Then to GA Secretary of State so he can make sure all notaries are legit. Then on to theChineseConsulate in HoustonTexas and THEN. . .TO CHINA!  

Please keep praying for us & sending encouragement. It is a long process, BUT we are getting closer to Michal every day!