Monday, April 28, 2014

Moving up in line

Just to update everyone, CCAI, our adoption agency told us back in December when we got our Log-in date (date Dossier was received in China) that the average wait time to be matched with a female with cleft lip and palate (the most common medical need we selected on our medical Needs Checklist) is 8 mths. When we found that out, we were shocked. We had no idea it could take that long. We thought as soon as we completed our paperwork, we would be matched quickly and planning to travel. It does happen that way some times, but that is not common. 

At that time, I decided I better make peace with waiting or I would be climbing the walls right now.Waiting is not fun. I don't want to do it. However, I trust God. I know He has the one and only correct plan. He alone knows the path to connect us to the little girl He planned for us before time began. I will not rush or interfere with His plan in any way. 

So, all that said, it was really cool when I recently realized we have already taken 5 mths off of the predicted 8 mth wait!

The way I explained it to the boys today was, "We are in a line. There are lots of people in line in front of us waiting to be matched with their kids. Each day we move up in that line, closer to being matched." I think it helped them understand and it gave me a good visual reference too! It is nice to view the process that way, because some time when there is nothing left we can do (other than pray) it can feel like nothing's happening. I prefer seeing us move up in line a little more each day a lot better!

Please keep praying! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We need to take care of our own

Here is a link for those of you who have asked or heard people comment that, "There are a lot of kid right here in America that need homes." "Why foriegn adoption?" There is a lot of misinformation out there and this link helps clear up a lot of that. I hope you find it helpful!