Sunday, September 29, 2013

Speed bumps

We hit some road blocks last week. We realized in the span of 24 hrs that because we got our birth certificates from the local health department, instead of from the state on-line or from the county of our birth our 1-800 & our Dossier docs were all at a dead standstill. So after a few very stressful hours & $300 later, we are back on the right road. Actually, all of that happened last Tues/Wed. I ordered the new BCs on Wed night and we got one of our birth certificates delivered to us on Saturday. I was extremely impressed with the two day turn around! We had one set of BCs set to us & another set sent directly to the Sec. Of State because they will only hold our docs 5 days before they will send them back to us. Please pray the Sec. State gets their copies in time so the process will not be delayed any further. 

We had hoped to have the papers all certified and back from the Sec. State last Friday or tomorrow. . .well that isn't going to happen, but by the end of this coming week would be pretty good. Please pray for that.

Also, we need to mobilize some fundraisers. We are planning to do another Garage Sale the 3rd weekend in October. We also have multiple adoption grant applications ready to send out as soon as we get a copy of our 2012 taxes.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Docs mailed to Sec. Of State

We finally got all the documents together and in the mail to be verified by the Sec. Of State! Six months worth of gathering documents, and today is the day we were ready to send them off! This is step 2 in the process to seal our documents. There are 3 steps to seal the documents and then. . .they go to China! The next and final step in the sealing process will be the Chinese consulate in Houston Texas.

Please pray all our documents are correct and there will be no problems. We are overnighting them there and back, so we may get the documents back by the end of the week!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finished at County Courthouse!

We just got our Dossier docs verified at the County level! Now we will be preparing them for the Secretary of State.  Please pray we will do it all correctly, get them sent quickly & back ASAP with no problems!