Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zhen Zhou China/Gottcha Day

Zhengzhou will NOT go on my list of favorite cities. 

It was dirty, filled with construction, smog and tons of people. 

In Zhengzhou they allow mopeds on the same sidewalks where pedestrians walk. It is extremely dangerous. The car traffic is insane. There is no waiting, stopping, or yielding. When you want to go, you just go. The only thing that keeps them out of wrecks is, no one wants to get in a wreck because it is very hard to prove the wreck was someone else's fault. You don't get paid for the damages. So, in the midst of all the crazy driving you rarely see an accident.

The one thing I will always love about this city is, it is the place where we finally got Michal!!

January 19, 2015

Wow! What an unbelievable day!

Things to come included: many bus rides, government buildings and paperwork completion sessions.

Michal was NOT fond of the buses filled with children and other crying babies. . .generally, she was the crying baby. We found out a few days after we got her that her first experience on a bus did not go well. On Gotcha day they woke her up before daybreak, put her in 4 layers of super thick clothes, and then took her on a 2 1/2 hour bus ride. She does not like to be hot, but they would not take her clothes off because the old Chinese ladies would yell at them.

When we got her back to the hotel the first day, we gave her a bath and laid her on the bed in just a diaper and she was SO HAPPY! 

After that, we decided the old Chinese ladies could yell at us if we wanted to but we would not put that many clothes on her, because our girl does not like to be hot.

We got yelled at a lot!!!

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