Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/4 Garage Sale Results

First, Thank you for the prayers & support!We made $1,100. We hoped for $3,000 but we still count it as a win because it was so rainy & windy that if we couldn't have done it inside we wouldn't have been able to do it today at all. Everything is still set up we just have to raise the unit doors up next time, so we are going to sell again in two weeks! The signs we put out mostly blew down. We put balloons Outside the Storeroom to let people know they were in the right place & those blew away too. So the people that found it were really trying! Next time with good weather & more people we should make a killing! We still have TONS or well organized, labeled, good stuff!

The first step to being a great big brother is running a successful snack bar to raise money for the adoption! 
Being super cute doesn't hurt either!

After Jackson prepared each person's snack or drink and handed it to them, the person would say "Thank you", and Jackson would say, "But you still have to pay" with the cutest little grin! I love that boy!

Michal has the most handsome daddy in the world!

Friends and Family! Good times!
Big brother Will is managing the sporting goods section!

Mommy & Daddy!
The electronics unit.