Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pray for breakthrough

Today is a hard day. We contacted CCAI to see how we are progressing in the wait. 

We have been waiting one month since our Login date (date our paperwork was offically logged in as received in China). 

There is NOTHING guaranteed on the timing of Child match, but we know of people in the past year that applied for a girl with cleft lip and palate (CL/CP: the most common disorder we picked--common means more likely to have a child with that need that needs a home sooner--greater chance of match with a child with CL/CP than other disorders) that have been matched in 3 weeks or a month. However, CCAI says it could be as much as another 7 months until we are matched or any day now. Ugh!!! That is a BIG range of time. 

So, we pray. So we poll the audience of others that have adopted similar children, recently, with our agency. It is very hard not to get angry and down. . .I felt both today. We felt both today.

As much as I want to control it. To DO something. I really can't DO much. We know God picked Michal for us before time began! I have said so many times and will say again, none of this is random. 

We do however know there is a spiritual battle raging. We know the evil one doesn't want Michal home and if he can't stop it, he would love to slow the process (Daniel 10:13) or make us thinking it has slowed to steal our joy.

So, please pray with us. Pray God will send more warrior angels to fight against the powers of darkness that seek to slow down our match. Pray for more angels to draw close to us and fight the evil one that would like to oppress us and the Holy Spirit to fill us more completely! Pray we will draw closer and closer to Christ!  Pray for us to be matched ASAP and for the restoration of peace and GREAT joy!

Thank you for standing with us!

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